I want to feed you - or rather - I want to leave you nourished…contented…

more full than you were before we met. But I also want to leave you hungry…

imprinted with the memory of my words, the smell of my skin, the strength

of my hands, and the exquisite marks of my artwork upon your canvas.

Of my many gifts, my greatest is my ability to help you feel at home in

your sensualist nature, at ease in your kinkiness, and at peace with your pleasure.

With the pace and stresses of modern life, it is all too common that the worlds of sensuality, magic,

and play within us become neglected or dormant. I believe this is one of the greatest illnesses

we face as a society. I believe that rekindling the connection with these wild parts of

ourselves is vital to our overall health and wellbeing.


My own personal journey over the past decade has included art, dance, kink, fitness training,

yoga, meditation, ritual practices, psychedelic medicine, pleasure-centered healing, and countless devoted

hours of education, training, and practice in my areas of interest and expertise (including a BFA from prestigious university, and teaching certifications in yoga and sex education).


This unique life experience has given birth to a personal discipline

that lies at the intersection of  BDSM, self-care practices, and healing arts.

I am equally at home in my role as guide, sensual healer, and living embodiment of the Goddess

archetype as I am being a playful troublemaker, a salacious tease, and the exceptional bitch

who will alwaysand without hesitation, remind you of your place - at my feet.

I delight in curating experiences that expand the notion of what you once understood pleasure to be...

that deliver you from your world and envelop you in mine. In this world, you will find yourself safe to

explore your dark corners and shadowy depths. In this world, you become intimately acquainted

with a longing you did not know you could possess. In this world  you become free...

to let go, surrender, submit, learn, and play.

Read on and explore my site to learn more about what I offer.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all the information provided

here prior to reaching out. These pages will tell you a bit about who I am,

and ensure that you know just what to expect on the day we meet.

"You have shown me how much more there is to experience in the world of sensation. My mind is racing now with all the other delicious things to be tried." -JD



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The perfect blend of sensuality and sting

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For those who crave a longer and more luxurious encounter

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Artful bodywork for the sensually decadent

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Encounters in your home city and beyond

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