Etiquette + FAQ


I find that the most genuine and easeful connections happen with those whom I

share similar values. I have taken the time to share all the details and fine print here

in order to remove the guesswork from the booking process and to let you know

just what to expect on the day we meet. Please familiarize yourself with the information provided before reaching out to ensure an

unforgettable experience together.

Hours and Availability

When on my home turf in the Bay Area, I’m available Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 11am and 10pm.

Booking in Advance

I appreciate those who understand that true artistry does not come at the drop

of a hat. I live a very full life, and take only a limited number of engagements

per week. It is common for my schedule to book out a week or two in advance,

so please plan accordingly. The more notice you are able to give, the more

likely we will be able to find a day and time that works best for us both.


Should you find yourself visiting my area only on a day that is outside of my

regular schedule, or a time outside of my normal working hours, I can sometimes accommodate with enough notice. As the other days of my week are dedicated

to other freelance work and creative projects, please note that engagements scheduled on these days require an additional fee to accommodate for the reorganization of my schedule.


Screening is mandatory for all prospective new friends and subs - no exceptions.

My screening requirements and Booking Form can be found here.


Please note…


  • If you’ve visited me in the past but we have not seen one another in over 6 months, you will be required to resubmit your information for a new screening.


  • If you are a couple, both partners will need to fill out the Booking Form and submit screening information separately.


  • I only respond to booking requests that include complete screening information. Be sure to read my Screening Requirements for a detailed list of acceptable forms of verification.


In all of our correspondence, I expect you to communicate with respect, maturity, and discretion. Any correspondence containing explicit language will result in termination of our conversation.


I offer incall sessions at lovely private locations in Berkeley and Oakland, in safe neighborhoods with plenty of parking. I offer outcalls to reputable upscale and boutique hotels in the greater San Francisco area.


For friends who live outside the Bay Area, I’m available for domestic and international travel. I offer bespoke Fly Me To You options for encounters in your home city or at a getaway destination abroad.

Do you ever tour?

I don’t tour, but you can sometimes catch me on a brief visit to LA or New York.

The best way to see me in your city is to Fly Me To You. If you'd like updates about my travel schedule, please join my email list.

Couples' Sessions

I absolutely adore working with couples, and I spare no effort to ensure the comfort and pleasure of everyone involved. First and most importantly, both partners must be enthusiastically consenting to spending this time together. Additionally, I’ve found that the highest level of enjoyment will had by all parties when both partners are engaged in the booking and planning process together. It can also be helpful (and sexy) to set aside some intimate time with one another to discuss your desires, ideas, and boundaries as a couple prior to reaching out. This helps to lay the groundwork for our session, and allows an electricity to build that the two of

you can bask in until we meet.


When booking our time together, both partners are required to fill out my Booking From and complete the screening process individually. Once you’ve been screened, we’ll have a brief phone call to check in and make sure we are all on the same page about desires, expectations, and any concerns you may have.

I welcome couples of all genders and orientations!



Alongside strappy black lingerie, excellent personal hygiene is right at the top of

my “Likes” list. I spare no effort in my self-care, and I expect the same of you.


As such, you will be required to shower at the beginning of each session (even if you showered right before you left home), as starting completely fresh is always best when embarking on an intimate adventure. Shower products are provided,

as well as mouthwash, to ensure you are squeaky clean before we begin.


If I happen to find, during the course of our session, that you have overlooked something in your hygiene, rest assured that I will press pause and send you back into the bathroom to freshen up. I’m sure neither of us wants to have this happen, as it could be decidedly awkward for us both, so please be attentive to all parts

of you.


If your session includes prostate activation or anal play of any kind, please

be sure to arrive fully emptied and flushed out to ensure the most enjoyable experience for us both.

Personal Conduct

Consent, safety, and our ability to be truly present with one another are of the utmost importance to me, which is why I ask that you please refrain from heavy drinking or using hard drugs prior to or during our time together. I'm ok with light cannabis usage, or a single drink during a dinner date, but I've found that anything further diminishes our natural ability to genuinely energetically connect. Please note that there is no smoking allowed in my incall spaces.

Punctuality and Cancellations


I would love for you to get the most out of your investment in our time together, and I’m guessing you would too. It is always best to be punctual, as our time together begins at the scheduled start of our engagement, not at the moment

you walk through the door. You are responsible for the entire tribute whether

or not you arrive on time.


If you’re running late, please be in communication so I know when to expect you.


Should you need to reschedule your appointment, I require at least 24hrs notice in order to apply your deposit to a future booking. Your next booking must be within one month of your cancelled appointment for your original deposit to apply.


If you are unable to give 24hrs notice, your deposit will be forfeit, and in addition you will be responsible for any remaining balance equal to 50% of the total tribute. If you miss your appointment, and fail to give any notice, full payment for the

missed appointment is required. Any inquiries for future bookings will be denied until the balance is paid. Should you choose to book again once your outstanding balance has been paid, you will be required to pay in full prior to our next meeting.


Failure to pay your balance from a missed appointment will result in forfeiture

of any possibility of booking with me in the future.

Tribute and Deposit

My tribute is non-negotiable. Attempts to negotiate my tribute will ensure a swift dismissal of your booking request. Please be advised that tribute rates are subject to change based on location, travel, and availability.


A deposit of 50% is required in order to secure your appointment. Deposits

can be sent easily via Venmo or CashApp. Please note that an additional 1% processing fee is required for all digital payments. I will send along my handle once your Booking Form has been submitted, and screening is complete.


The remainder of your tribute is due on arrival, before the start of our session. Please have the balance ready in a sealed envelope, to be placed in

plain view upon your arrival. If I’m visiting you, please place your envelope on

the bathroom counter before I arrive to your room. If we're meeting in public,

it’s best to have your tribute in a gift bag or box. Should you desire to include something that will cause a sly smile and a flicker in my eye, peruse my Wishlist

for some of my favorite things!

Is it proper etiquette to tip?

While tipping is never expected, it is always deeply appreciated, and is sure to earn my favor.

Who Is Welcome

I welcome individuals and couples of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, orientations, and body types. My only requirements are that you must be over the age of 21,  complete the

necessary screening process, and treat me with respect.


I am disability-friendly and will do my absolute best to accommodate any accessibility needs you may have. Please be sure to detail anything I should know prior to our visit in your Booking Form.

My NOs and Who I Will Decline To See

I love what I do, and this is due in part to the amazing  humans I've had the joy of connecting with through this endeavor.

I prefer quality to quantity, and as such, I am very selective about who I introduce into my world.

It is your respectfulness, maturity, kindness, and generosity that will endear you to me.

If you're a hopeful submissive, it is your genuine efforts to please me that will earn you the privilege of serving.

Please note...

  • I do not see those who desire to "serve" without tribute. Financial investment is always required to session with me and serve me.

  • I will not entertain anyone who attempts to bargain or haggle with me.

  • I have zero tolerance for those who take a demanding, whiny, or otherwise disagreeable tone, and I have zero tolerance for my boundaries being pushed. Should this happen in our communications or during our time together, I reserve the right to terminate our correspondence or session without explanation. Be advised that should I need to terminate our session, your tribute is non-refundable.

General Hard Limits:

  • Sending lengthy emails or emails detailing your fantasies without tribute

  • Use of explicit language in our correspondence

  • Using our sessions as a substitute for therapy

  • Touching me anywhere without my explicit permission

*for my kink play Hard Limits, visit my BDSM page.

You're in deep if you've made it this far.