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I admit it - I'm a libertine, a hedonist, and a total self-care junkie.


I center my everyday life around wellness, sustainability, and genuine cell-deep pleasure...

and I fucking love it.


In a society that reinforces the notion that our worth is based on

our productivity, it is necessary that we learn how to push back against

the pressure and stress of our day-to-day with pleasure, rest, and rejuvenation

in order to keep our wits about us. I practice this in my own life, and I am

here to support and cheerlead that endeavor for you, too. 


I find deep fulfillment in sharing pampering and self-care practices

with others, and weaving sensuality into the experience. I am equally

passionate about creating safe and healing containers in which to explore

fetishes, and curating rich D/s experiences to guide those who desire to

know the depths of joy that can be found in surrender and servitude.


Additionally, my enthusiasm extends into sensual, sexual, and somatic

education, and I am honored to offer wisdom and guidance to individuals

and couples who are seeking to become more present, attuned, and

integrated in their relationships with their bodies and sensuality.

In tandem with this venture, I'm also a multi-disciplinary artist whose

work traverses music, fashion, and writing. I'm a fitness freak, sapiosexual,

music nerd, houseplant lover, sneakerhead, tidying master, and parent to a giant Boa Constrictor. My days are most often spent being active in the gym, yoga, or dance

classes,  and working on any number of freelance and commissioned creative
projects. In my downtime, 
I enjoy - you guessed it - indulging in rest,
bodywork, nature, and plenty of time

in the hot tub, steam room, and sauna.

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