Sensual Healing Arts


My sensual bodywork sessions are a powerful initiation into a new way of experiencing embodied pleasure - one that pushes back against the pace of modern life and the desensitizing instant-gratification approach

to pleasure that society conditions us toward. I believe that pleasure is vital sustenance, and it is

to be savored like the most delicious meal: deliberately and intentionally,

with appreciation for all the complex flavors.

I bring to this work a deep reverence for erotic self-care and the essential

healing nature of affectionate human touch. Whether you are seeking to discover the

more nuanced parts of your erotic nature, to overcome body or sexual shame, learn new techniques

for sensual touch, become a more present and attuned lover, or simply cultivate a more robust

and healing relationship with pleasure, I am happy to hold you in compassion

and genuine care as your guide on this journey.

Signature B2B Sensual Bodywork

Artisanal touch therapy for the sensually decadent. This rhythmic body-to-body massage combines the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue, acupressure, and Thai massage with a refined and masterful approach to sensual touch. Includes complementary custom-blended Aromatherapy if you desire. One of my most popular offerings and a client all-time favorite.

Incall | 400/hr | 90 minute minimum
Outcall tribute based on your location
Couples' Sensual Bodywork

One part sensual healing and one part inspired erotic entertainment, Couples’ sessions are a delicious experience of group hedonism that combines mutual touch massage with voyeurism and exhibitionism to ignite the senses and inspire deeper intimacy between you and your partner. Couples’ sessions are perfect for those craving a unique and safe container for a shared pleasure experience, for adventurous folks who delight in exploring uncharted territories of partnered eroticism, and for timid lovers who want to expand their sensual horizons and create new possibilities for pleasure and play.

Incall | 700/hr | 2hr minimum
Outcall tribute based on your location

à la carte Add-ons

Can be added to any Sensual Healing session 90 minutes +. Not offered as individual services.

Energy Clearing Ritual | 200

Breathwork, Guided Meditation, and Smudge (with your choice of Sage or Copal) to clear your energetic field of negative charges and ground you into the present moment.

Prostate Activation | 100

Masterful and activating touch to expand your capacity for pleasure and intimacy.

Sensual Self-care Packages

Sensuality Bootcamp | 5 sessions | 3000

For those seeking to become a more attuned and present lover, or cultivate a more nuanced relationship with erotic touch, these 90 minute sessions are the perfect blend of somatic education and sensual fun. Learn a variety of sensual touch and tease techniques, creative ways to arouse the senses, and how to communicate authentically with partners about consent, desires, and pleasure during sensual play.

Riding the Edge | 5 sessions | 3000

This erotic coaching work is focused on building stamina

and increased vitality through the practice of edging. Each 90 minute session will support you in becoming more attuned to subtle sensation, overcoming performance anxiety, communicating authentically during sensual play, and discovering a variety of sensual touch techniques that can be used to tease, tantalize, and prolong your pleasure.

Sensual Bodywork Express | 3 sessions | 1400

As much as you value your your pleasure and self-care, sometimes your plate gets full, and you don't have as much time as you'd like to luxuriate. It can happen to the best of us! These 60 minute bodywork sessions are an ideal investment for the sensualist on-the-go, and a perfect stress-relieving break from the hustle of your busy week. 

*Please note that all Sensual Self-care Packages must be paid in full at time of purchase. Packages expire 3 months from purchase date. Incall only.