Words Of Praise


Words cannot express the amazing experience my slave and I had with you. It will NOT be the last.

You are a true Goddess in every way. -JS

Your blend of sensuality with therapeutic touch is just exquisite. So often with FBSM it’s one end of the spectrum or the other - either super spiritual Goddess vibes or sexy seductive vixen, but you bring both worlds together in such a unique and integrated way. You are truly an artist in what you do. -BT

Coming to see you is always such a blast. I love that we can have a great conversation and shoot the shit, AND you take the cake for hands down best FBSM experience. -JT

I’ve always been afraid to open up about what I’m into, but I feel so safe in my fetishes when I’m with you. It’s like nothing I say is going to surprise you, and there is no shame. Thank you. -RS

Thank you for the great bodywork and conversation. I just love how your mind works. -TR

This is so different from any other experience I’ve ever had. I feel like there was my life before sensual massage...but now...my mind is open to a whole new world of pleasure. How is it possible that I have lived this long without it?! -JN

Thank you so much for the lovely time; truly an unforgettable experience. Looking forward to our next meeting for sure. -CG

How can a mere mortal write words to truly describe a Goddess? -DL

Some may seek indulgence, or joy, or pleasure. Maybe wellbeing, connectedness, or cerebral healing. Perhaps, sheer self-centeredness. In my blissful experience, all of these wonderful tenets can be experienced when you enter the luscious domain of D. Here, she allows you to dive against,

and through, your own erotic compass. But only if you are attuned to believe, practice, and receive...

is where life's mire's will dissipate, and a swell of decadent love will drown you alive. -JD


Wow. My wife and I both had such an incredible time. And she was just so blown away by you. We will have to come back for seconds. -FC

If we have sessioned together before, and you'd like to like to submit a testimonial,

please reach out! I'd love to hear how our time together impacted you.